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Volaro Stand-Aid

Fixed base

Adjustable Base

The Volaro Stand Aid transport aid keeps the patient engaged and active in the transfer. Transport functions of all types are quick and require minimal caregiver assistance. Users grasp the middle bar and pull themselves up into position. A padded split seat swings out to allow loading or unloading. The seat then swings back to form a secure and comfortable seat for transport. An excellent alternative to wheelchairs for toileting. The adjustable base offers additional flexibility to provide clearance around common obstacles such as recliners. Rugged construction for years of service in acute care, nursing homes and private residences.

  • 400lb - 450Lbs safe working load (depending on girth)
  • Dual knee pads for secure transports
  • Fits through narrow door ways
  • Option support strap available
  • Affordable alternative to electric stand assists

Stand-Aid Specs


Fixed Base

 Adjustable Base

Maximum Capacity



 Minimum Base Width

 13.7 Inches


 Maximum Base Width

 20 Inches


 Overall Height

 43 Inches

 43.3 Inches

 Overall Length

31 Inches

35.4 Inches

Minimum Seat Height

26.3 Inches

26.7 Inches

Seat Width

20 Inches

20 Inches 

Net Weight

57lb/26 kg


Gross Weight




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