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Low Tech Patient Handling and Repositioning Products

Dedicated to providing high quality and ergonomically inclined equipment, We strive to promote safe patient handling for caregivers by working with nursing homes and related health care facilities in implementing the use of ceiling lifts and floor lifts as well as other various moving and handling aids.

These products allow caregivers to easily reposition patients in bed, assist in sit to stand positioning, aid with patient lateral transferring, and provide a medium for safe patient mobility techniques.

Bed Repositioning Products

With the use of our bed repositioning devices, caregivers are provided with a medium, which reduces the amount of friction that occurs between the surface and the patient throughout repositioning. With this reduction of friction, caregivers are required to use less strength to reposition the patient, resulting in less strain and injury to the caregiver's body and an increase in the overall safety of the patient.

ErgoSlide & (Bariatric Option)

ErgoSlide Plus

ErgoSlide Disposable


Ultra ErgoSheets

Seated Repositioning Products

Sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time can cause damage to the skin tissue and can ultimately lead to pressure ulcers forming on the patient's body. However, not all patients are capable of repositioning themselves in the chair and require the assistance of a caregiver. With that said, the seated repositioning devices were designed to provide patients and caregivers with a medium that facilitates the easy repositioning of patients in the seated position by providing a friction reduced surface.



ErgoGlide w/Foot Loop

Swivel Cushions

Lateral Transfer Products

Moving patients between two surfaces, also known as a lateral transfer, can potentially pose a risk to the patient's safety. These risks naturally extend to the caregiver, typically resulting in musculoskeletal disorders and other related injuries to the caregiver caused by strains to the body while lifting the patient. SMT's moving and handling products reduce the amount of strength required from caregivers while performing lateral transfers between surfaces, increasing the overall safety of the patient, and reducing the amount of work-related injuries to caregivers.

ErgoSlide LT


Q2 Transfer Board

2-Move Transfer Board

Assisted Mobility Products

The ErgoSafe's gait belts are designed to provide assisted mobility to those that experience difficulties while walking, ultimately, preventing falls and the injuries that result from falling. With the use of a gait belt, caregivers can hold onto the belt's straps, rather than the patient's body. This provides the patient with further assurance while walking, without compromising any to the patient's dignity, and enabling the caregiver to provide greater support and stability to the patient.

ErgoBelt 3100

ErgoBelt 3100 NonSlip

ErgoBelt 3101