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The Rebel Lift™

Now independently verified by Wyle Labs to meet ADA standards.

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Item Numbers

F-2PR - The Rebel™ Portable Lift

  Features Include:                                                                                     

• Independently verified to meet ADA guidelines

• 300 Pound (136kg) weight capacity

• Completely portable unit- no anchor required

• Rechargeable battery unit with charger

• Adjustable footrest & lap belt

• Dual flip-up armrests included

• Simple push button operation

• 2 year warranty

The Rebel™ Portable Lift is Aqua Creek’s newest portable lift. With a lifting capacity of 300 lbs., it meets all requirements for the new ADA standards. The Rebel™ is a lower cost solution for facilities looking to become ADA compliant without the hassle or expense of anchoring or bonding a unit to the pool deck.

This lift requires no anchors or bonding and can easily be removed from poolside when not needed. It features a compact, low profile frame that does not intrude into the pool when not being used. A unique sliding mechanism allows the lift to be transported easily on its cart and then lowered onto the pool deck for use without using any fastening hardware.


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