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ErgoSlide Plus 2300

The ErgoSlide® Plus can be used to reposition clients in bed in multiple directions.

Product Highlights

This continuous loop of anti-statically treated material offers superior friction reducing properties. Simple to introduce and remove. Like the other ErgoSlides®, it is easy to disinfect and washable up to 80º Celsius /176º Fahrenheit.

Instruction Video

Details & Options

ErgoSafe Products works closely with nursing homes and other care giving institutions to provide patient handling devices to assist caregivers with their daily tasks of moving and repositioning patients.

SMT recommends that caregivers practice with the ErgoSlide and view our demo videos prior to actual patient care, as working with each other will allow you to appreciate the feeling from the patient's perspective.

It is imperative to provide proper patient care and to limit risk of injury to caregivers through the use of ergonomic manual handling aids such as the ErgoSlide. Learning to turn, sliding patients up and down in bed, or simply repositioning the patient can be accomplished safely and easily by implementing the standard use of an ErgoSlide in your healthcare facility today.