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Volaro Ceiling Lifts 450 - 1000lbs

The Volaro ceiling lift system consists of a wide variety of lifting systems mounted to ceilings, walls or free standing to adapt to any existing construction as well as new construction.

Our complete line of slings and accessories give the care givers and therapist the tools to make their job simpler.

A Volaro ceiling lift system allows:

  • Assures that the patient or resident as well as the care giver has a safe and comfortable experience.
  • Good systems along with good training assures that the facilities will see a dramatic reduction in costly injuries.
  • Our consultants will listen to your goals and provide you the information you need to implement the plan that makes the most sense for you.
  • We can help you implement your plan to account for training and utilizing existing equipment.
  • A ceiling mounted system uses less space is readily available for the care giver making efficient use of time and space.
  • The Volaro ceiling systems can be used in nursing homes, hospitals, private homes, mobile homes, over swimming pools, as well as in restorative therapies.

•  A. Structural Attachment Point

The attachment point where the ceiling track is installed to the building ceiling structure.


This acts as the attachment point between the ceiling track bracket and the upper structure when the ceiling is suspended.

•  C. Ceiling Bracket

Ceiling brackets support the lift track.

•  D. Ceiling Track

The ceiling track serves to carry the ceiling lift and/or track accessories.

•  E. Traverse Boom (Track)

An option with ceiling track is an X-Y Gantry

or Room Covering system. The traversing boom moves along the fixed rails to allow for use of the lift in all areas that the track encompasses.

•  F. Charging Station

Can be located at any point along the rail.

•  G. X-Y gantry

Wheels ride inside the fixed rails and are

attached to the traverse boom.

•  H. Ceiling Lift unit

A variety of lifts are available in differing weight capacities.

•  I. Carry Bar

Attached to ceiling lift strap. Acts as the

attachment point to the patient Sling.

•  J. lift Strap

Connects lift to carry bar. Raises and lowers via controls on hand control.

•  K. Sling

Slings support safe transport or positioning of patient. Sling straps connect to Carry Bar.


Facilitates the transfer from an X-Y gantry

system to a linear rail leading to an adjacent


•  M. Linear track

A section of track that can access various points in the room. Available in various lengths and curved designs.

•  N. Modified Door Header

Opening above doorway to allow the track to pass through into another room


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