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2-Move Lateral Transfer Board

The 2-Move is a lightweight transfer system designed to facilitate a supine lateral transfer. It is comprised of 2 parts: the inner core is a light, rigid, full-size board covered with a low friction material; and the tubular outer sheet which has a low friction inner surface.

This allows the outer sheet to revolve around the inner core while transferring the client, making the transfer virtually effortless.

The unique design of this system allows the board to be removed leaving the sheet underneath the client, which can be used to reposition them if needed. The 2-Move comes with a convenient carry handle and can be folded for easy storage.

It is available in 2 widths with a shorter version for paediatric use.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 40cm x 85cm/15 3/4" x 33 1/2"
  • 50cm x 85cm/19 3/4" x 33 1/2"
  • 40cm x 170cm/15 3/4" x 67"
  • 50cm x 170cm/19 3/4" x 67"

When carrying out a lateral transfer with a traditional transfer board, a client's skin does not easily slide across the board. Using the 2-Move, the low friction nylon cover allows the client to slide across the board with no damage to tissue.

Many boards need to be lifted from one surface to another with the client on them causing strain to shoulder or back of the caregiver. With the 2-Move the caregivers gently push/ pull a sheet to slide them across without strain.

Using a slide sheet alone will not bridge the gap between two surfaces.The 2-Move effectively bridges all gaps. The low static potential makes the 2-Move an ideal piece of equipment for the lateral transfers done in the operating theatres.